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HEKLA is a global design agency created in 2013. The studio is above all four different personalities with different journeys but with a common goal :

Antoine Gervais - Architecture 
Thomas Pujol- interior Design 
Johan Luciano- product and furniture design 
Kevin Auger- Graphism-web design 

The diversity of the four designers and their complementarity is a major asset and the global and creative approach. This melting pot offers a transversal and unique look. The wealth and experience related to their different design journey allows them to analyze and understand the different needs of each and every new client. They conjugate their identity and their skills with the same exigency for furniture, architecture or visual identity. The border prosperity of the four creative fields allows to conceive a coherent project responding the the client's needs.

No need to multiply the contacts anymore, HEKLA masters, answers, and leads your projects from its conception to its production.


Located in the south of island, HEKLA is the most active volcano of the country. Like this summit, the agency boils with independent elements. Composed by two architects-interior designers of one furniture-product designer and one graphic artist-webdesigner it merges to form one global design studio.

  Its four partners have a distinctive taste for sober lines and rich raw materials. Their philosophy is based on the +1 factor. Aware of the tasks to overcome during the ascent of each projects, they know how to surround themselves with an adapted to the demand creative team. the projects are thus nourrished by different know-how people to compose a just answer to a given problematic. 

Interior Design

  • - Mastery of projects and follow ups.
  • - Mastery of creative conception
  • - Mastery in rehabilitation, reclassification and renovations
  • - Mastery in conception of new buildings up to 170m2
  • - Mastery of laws applicable to an area
  • - Mastery in conception of building permissions and according paperwork
  • - Mastery in construction site inspections and relations with craftsmen
  • - Know-how in mock up plans
  • - Mastery in event-type architecture
  • - Mastery in micro-architecture

Furniture Design

  • - Consideration of client specifications
  • - Mastery of economic and technical parameters of a project from a unique piece to mass production.
  • - Abilities in furniture and industrial design
  • - Exclusive designs of home and industrialized furniture up to the commercial layout.
  • - Picture real 3D modeling to offer a faithful image of the final product.
  • - Global management of the project from conception to delivery (possibilities of international deliveries)
  • - Advanced craftsmen network at the national scale

Graphic Design

  • - 2D and 3D infography
  • - Artistic direction
  • - Creation and development of visual identities / Branding
  • - Typography
  • - Illustration
  • - Editing
  • - Mastery in packaging creation
  • - savoir faire en maquette
  • - Communication strategies
  • - Realization of video montage


  • - Consulting
  • - Directing the creation
  • - Web integration (HTML 5, CSS 3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Action Script 3)
  • - Backoffices creation
  • - Adaptability on smartphones and tablets (Responsive design)
  • - Newsletters
  • - Mail signatures
Hors-Série tendances 2014
Dec 2013, p100
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1 rue Poquelin Molière
33000 Bordeaux, France

T +33 6 10 69 03 80


57 rue Dulong
75017 Paris, France

T +33 6 32 20 44 38